Outlook - Wallet Sized Mentalism by Ken Dyne and Dave Cook

Outlook - Wallet Sized Mentalism by Ken Dyne and Dave Cook

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Stick this straight in your wallet and get ready to knock some socks off.

A horoscope you cut from a newspaper is eerily accurate and contains a prediction of exactly which word your participant thinks of.

One newspaper clipping is all you need, no extra props just a solid piece of mentalism you'll carry and perform anywhere and everywhere.

Suitable for Zoom-style shows, close up, casual performance, walk around.

I'm really excited to be sharing with you this really clever and simple creation by my friend Dave Cook who has created a really powerful pocket effect that will blow people's minds.

Available as an instant digital download where you can print the clipping yourself (we give you a source for the paper too), as a physical booklet with 4 hand-cut newspaper clippings, or as a combo deal. Whichever suits you.

"This is absolutely brilliant! It literally went in my repertoire after one minute after reading it!" - LUCA VOLPE


Q1 - Does it work in non English languages?
You are receiving specially crafted text to make this effect work and the text is supplied in English. However you can present this in another language as long as you frame it as a cutting from an English newspaper. This arguably makes it even more interesting.

Q2 - How many clippings are included?
In the physical version of this, we include 4 printed copies on newspaper stock. But we also include links to download the pdf and a link to the source for the paper so you can make more yourself, easily. 
The newspaper is not damaged at all when performing this so it should last you a long while.