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Create Your Own Podcast

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You'd be an amazing podcaster.

Having a podcast is a perfect fit for us entertainers - and I've learned a lot by having my own iTunes top 10 podcast.

Having your own podcasts that you can create from the comfort of your own home is one of the best ways you can:

  • Quickly be seen as a leader or celebrity in any topic.
  • Create content for your audiences.
  • Get access to people you'd otherwise have to pay for advice and time from.
  • Be gifted freebies (loads of freebies!).
  • Increase your fees (because you're the one with the podcast)
  • Get invited to appear on other people's podcasts, YouTube Videos and at events.
  • Earn income from sponsors. Yeah, people will pay you to do shout-outs on your show.

In this instant download video training program I'll show you:

  1. How to decide on the best topic for your podcast.
  2. The best kit to get for quick, low-cost set-up (and then more pro options)
  3. All the technical bits of podcasting.
  4. How to grow your audience for your podcast.
  5. Creating tons of content for all of your social media channels - from every episode.