I rarely lecture, but when I do I really love it.

Hey, there's nothing more exciting than sharing the things you love with other people who love it too.

I've been lucky enough to lecture at Mindvention in Las Vegas a number of times as well as across Germany, a lecture tour across the USA, at The Magic Circle and of course up and down the UK.

I have 2 different types of talks I can give:

1. Practical Mentalism That Is Actually Entertaining

This is your standard club magic lecture-style session with lots of routines that people can go and do in all kinds of circumstances.

I share both close up and stand up mentalism pieces that generally require little dexterity and can be adapted to most performing styles. 

2. Confessions Of A Serial Gigger

This is a special talk about booking gigs, pricing yourself and how to get enquiries based on my 17 years of performing professionally to date.

There are a lot of major, practical takeaways from this session including how to . position yourself in a market to attract bookings.