Tetrad Tete

Tetrad Tete

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With little more than a pile of business cards and some pens you are ready to perform a baffling mystery involving more than ten members of your audience.

Ten audience members are handed one of your business cards and invited to make a drawing.

The cards are collected in face down and clamped together using a bulldog clip (if you like).

Three members of the audience now flip open this impromptu 'art book' and concentrate on the drawing they see, which a fourth is asked to concentrate on the image he drew himself.

Now it's time for you to send the skeptics away scratching their heads as you reveal all four thought-of images in unique ways that build theatrically with each phase.

More than just a routine, Tetrad Tete is an important lesson for Mentalists and Magicians alike in the art of layering methods to ensure they are completely impenetrable, as well as how to build revelations into a theatrical spectacle.

There is no pre-show or dual reality, no hypnosis, no impression devices and no one-aheads. This is 100% real time.