You can't measure this (go on, try)

Here's a quick way of making all of your advertising and marketing work better.

Before we go into it, the problem is that you can't really measure it the way we usually like to.

You've been warned. 

The thing I'm hinting at here is brand.

Your brand is the thing that tells people whether they're in the right place to book an entertainer for them.

Do you look like the kind of person who fits what they're looking to do? Do you look polished enough, too polished, experienced, too expensive?

What is your logo, colour scheme, photography all saying about you?

Your website, for example is either putting people off or getting them excited about enquiring. 

It's doing one of them.

Have a quick look. Without reading the words - what is your website saying about you?

- Ken 'Branded' Dyne

P.S. There's a complete training about building your own unique brand in the EPIC trainings area. It'll help you break this down into steps so you can create something that is uniquely you - whatever market you want to work in.

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