Yesterday's wading through ****

The shit hits the fan.

Sometimes unexpected things happen.

Yesterday was one of those days where I ended up feeling paralysed by the overwhelming amount of bad shit that filled the world around me and wading through it was exhausting

How do you deal with that bad shit.

2 things helped me, although I still got in the car burst into tears at the end of the day:

1. Realising that nothing is good and nothing is bad. Things just are
This is a philosophy I am trying to ingrain in myself. 

Stuff happens, and then you deal with it. But you cannot change it.

But you need #2...

2. A great team.

I am not talking about staff or whatever - I am talking about your support network such as your accountant, your financial planner, your lawyer, your marketing person, your assistant, you call handling service, your landlord, your suppliers and your customers.

I found out yesterday that some of the members of this 'team' of mine are AWESOME.

How do you know?

When I brought a stressful issue to them, they took it away.

They dealt with it.

They advised me.

They kept me calm.

Some members of this 'team' didn't rise to the challenge and now I'm on the look out for replacements who can rise to that.

The measure of anyone is how they deal with hard stuff. 

So you have to stress test your team sometimes.

Build a great team to help you do what you need to do in 2020.

- Ken 'Go Team' Dyne

P.S. To make this work you need to know what you want to do and then plan the team you're going to need to make those things happen.

On 27th Jan I'm hosting a 7-day challenge to get your 2020 set up and give yourself a Mission for the year for having the entertainment business you want, you can register here:


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