Who you talkin' to?

I've got a tailor made suit that fits me perfectly - would you like to buy it?

The answer is probably 'no'.



Because the suit is tailor made to me. It fits me, it suits me, it's exactly everything I want in a suit.

I'm always amazed when people ask me why they're not getting the gig bookings they want but they've never actually looked at what the bookers are looking for.

I just looked up a bunch of my magician friends online and their websites aren't even talking about what most people are searching for online.

Are you saying you DO what people are looking for?

Think about things from your bookers' points of views and you'll start connecting with a lot more people.

Right...off to a business networking breakfast that I'm chairing.

Speak soon,

- Ken 'Talking their language' Dyne

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