Why That Marketing Doesn't Work

Back in your inbox to finish up this week with something to really get your mind whirring over the weekend.

Last night I was having a zoom video call with my friend Paul Draper. He was on a break between sessions he was giving in some gorgeous American city, and we got to talking about business, marketing and above all consistency.

Mate, there's LOADS of ways of getting a gig.

Hundreds of them.

But as well as attracting the right gigs for you (not for me or what your Mum thinks you should be doing), the real thing we need is a constant stream of gigs - rather than the way most entertainers live - which is in hope.

Let's change your mindset from the Neanderthal hunter of gigs, picking them off one-by-one like prey...

To thinking of it like smoothing the seas.

Creating calm.

When I changed my mindset to this mission towards consistency my internal sat-nav (GPS) was tuned into a very different way of doing business, networking, getting enquiries and turning those enquiries into sales.

Very different.

You want to cut through this with a laser not a machine gun, m'kay?

Have a smashing weekend, we're off to the Edinburgh Fringe.

(Talk about consistency my pals up there are doing 28 shows straight!)

- Ken 'In Flow' Dyne

P.S. Instead of relying on short-term wins and tactics that are disconnected, if you're ready to put everything in to a single, calm, flat strategy that brings in this consistent flow of gigs, check out EPIC here and join the rest of us.

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