Why Strategies Are Utterly Useless and Fail

I've got this amazing content marketing strategy that I'll be teaching to EPIC members in just over a week's time which will be completely useless.


Yeah, alright it'll give us all the exact content we need to create, post on social media, put on your YouTube channel, on Facebook etc etc.

It'll show us when to post these things.

It'll be a singular strategy that is all designed to attract people to come enquire about hiring you.

And you'll never be stuck wondering 'what should I post'.

That's all fine.

But yesterday we looked at one of my content strategies and realised none of that matters if you don't have an action plan or a WORKFLOW to get the stuff done.

How many times have we all made a plan of what we want our lives to look like...but then it's not happened?

That's because we didn't create a work flow of actionable steps to make it happen.

Create workflows for everything.

Then shit gets done.

- Ken 'Working the Flow' Dyne

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