Why is This 'Change' So Hard?

Damn man it's dark outside.

The seasons have really switched and the sunlight has been stolen by those bloody Australians for another few months ;)

We have to change.

We have to be committed to changing.

And man I find change hard.

I'm almost certainly on the autistic spectrum, right? (Not diagnosed) 

So change is hard.

But one thing the world is always doing is changing.

The way you get gigs changes. The way people want to hear from you changes. The technicalities, the expectations, the rules, the channels, the media and the formats.

They all change.

Our job is to keep up with those changes.

Shit man, I changed this daily newsletter over the weekend.

Look right at the top again, yeah I've given this thing a name. 

I wanted to make what this is is totally clear.

It's daily and it's a very lite version of what EPIC is about.

It's here to inspire you each day, make you pull up your socks and change your state.

That's why Daily Lite is here, that's why it's FREE whether you're a member of EPIC or not - you get value from this in a light-touch way - and for everyone who gets it and decides they want to go beyond 'lite' they can join EPIC and get the deep, in-depth 'how-to'.

It's about change, and we all need to change what we're doing in order to change the results we're getting.

Bloody hell that was philosophical for a Monday...I didn't even stop for a sip of tea while I wrote this.

Go change something today!

- Ken 'Changing' Dyne

P.S. Want help making these changes? Want to be held accountable to making things happen? Want to know what is changing and be ahead of the curve? Upgrade from Lite and join EPIC:


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