Why I Won't Join BNI (Controversial)

BNI is the biggest business networking organisation on the planet.

But I won't join them.

Despite having visited another amazing group last week and really loving what they do, there's something standing in the way.

It's now the second time I've seriously considered joining BNI and going along on a Thursday morning to meet other business people.

The group I visited last week were brilliant.

Unfortunately, when the members of the 'chapter' asked me to join they were told by their regional honcho that I'm not allowed.

I'm not allowed to join this networking group unless I LEAVE another networking group.

Hang on...what now?

Aren't business and networking all about expanding your networking and having relationships with as many people as possible?

That way you become a super connector of people and you an grow your business.

Turns out that the regional guy up here, a chap called Craig, sees it as competitive where he wants to win over other networking groups - rather than see the business world collaborative - which happens to be a much more modern, and my point of view.

Shame really because he's really locking out some potentially great people who can contribuute greatly.

(What Competitive Craig doesn't know is that since last week's meeting I've passed on 6 bits of business to people from the group!)

Do you see how a competitive mindset is restricting the growth of Craig's business? 

He's literally saying no to customers who have cash in thee out-stretched hands.

That's just like when you look around at what others are doing - think of COLLABORATION opportunities.

Get creative and work with other performers and you'll see a lot more success.

- Ken 'Together' Dyne

P.S. I'm so OBSESSED with collaboration that I've assembled some of the best entertainers all around the world to collaborate, share and inspire each other in a community we call EPIC (Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle). If you want to be part of the movement - check out all of your membership benefits here.

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