Why I went to a birthday party on halloween in Vegas last night

Optimise every moment.

What I mean is, how do you get the maximum impact, value and return for everything you do?

Take for example, I'm here in Vegas for Colin Cloud's bachelor party...but I've done more than that.

Last night I went to a halloween/birthday party to spend time with some of the top people in our industry.

So it was Gerry McCaimbridge's birthday bash at his home where I got to hang out with people like Kenton Knepper and Banachek.

While I'm here I'll also see other shows, I'll catch up with friends and of course today...the Batchelor parry begins.

I'm getting the maximum value from the 11hr flight and time away from home.

Do you optimise everything you're doing?

- Ken 'Optimised' Dyne

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