Why All 3 Gigs This Week Have Different Content

Last week I delivered 2 completely different presentations...

...and tomorrow I'll deliver a 3rd.

All unique.

The reason they're unique?

Every time you go out there, what you do and say has to match that audience as tightly as possible.

On Friday I was the closing speaker where I talked about email marketing tips at a content marketing event, Saturday morning it was about segmentation at an Online Marketing event and tomorrow it's an event in the travel industry talking about higher engagement from existing customers.

Thing is, while they're all based on the same topic, 'the psychology of customers', they all have a slightly different angle.

And that's where most people cock up their marketing.

For example, at Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle I don't apply my skills to 'existing customers' because in our entertainment businesses we don't have them.


Your marketing messages need to match exactly what the person looking at them wants. 

Miss the mark and you'll lose enquiries.

Have at it!

- Ken 'Message Matching' Dyne

P.S. If you want to make 2020 your year, the year where you do the number (and type) of gigs you want, you can't keep going it alone. Join us and I'll give you the systems to make it happen without the guesswork and 'hope':


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