Which social media gets enquiries?

When it comes to getting new enquiries, social media is one of the main ways to promote yourself.

You've got to be on them and you've got to be good at being on them.

What is 'god' though?

Good news you don't need a million followers on Instagram unless you decide that you want to make a living by attracting sponsors who will pay you to mention their products in front of your Insta followers.

To book regular gigs, what you need is to find the main social media where your audience hangs out, and create great posts, images and videos that get them to comment on and share your stuff.

If you're in the corporate entertainment world, we're mostly talking about LinkedIn and Twitter.

For trendy events it's TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

If you're in the wedding market Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Be where they are and get shared.

This brings people TO you, instead of you having to chase them all the time.

- Ken 'Mr Social' Dyne


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