What I was doing at 10pm last night ;-)

I've talked a lot about getting stuff done.

That's my major strength. 

I'm not a thinker and planner, I'm a DOER.

Loads of entertainers know what they should be doing and they put off doing the actual work by making more and more plans.

Don't be in that minority.

DO shit.

Yesterday I had a few things on my list -  had a script to write for a TV spot I'm writing for a TV mentalist, I had a press release to write for myself, 2 enquiries to respond to, some copy to write for a web page.

But 4:30pm came and I hadn't done ANY of those things.

2 choices:

A - Roll those tasks over to today.
B - Work later and get them done.

What would YOU choose?

I choose B.

Things on today's to-do list need to be done before I go to bed.


How many things have been on your list for days, week or even months and keep getting 'rolled over' to the next day?

Loads, right?

So I was sat at the laptop on the sofa working on that stuff until 10pm last night.

Rolling things forward is NOT an option. You're basically screwing up the next day and the ones after that.

Get things done.

What are you thinking about doing? What is on your 'when I have a moment' list?

Because, mate, you'll never have a spare moment.

You fill all the time you've got. 

Be a finisher, not a perpetual planner. Do what you say you're going to do.

- Ken 'Doing' Dyne

P.S. We're surrounded by 'talkers' who give lip-service to ideas and things, but most don't DO. That's why we fall into that same trap. So I created a community of DOERS who encourage each other, inspire each other and learn together, join us:


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