We Should Steal Boris' New Puppy - You In?

Morning -

I avoid politics, so today is about Boris Johnson's new dog.

The Prime Minister has adopted a rescue dog and called him Dilyn.

That made the papers yesterday. 

It was all over Flakebook, Twitter and all the usual hype websites are featuring it.

So why is THIS in the news?

The UK press are really clutching at straws to invent new ways of keeping Brexit on the front page, and still have it compel people to read.

And Boris needs to get some positive press.

Put those things together and hey presto - adopt a cute rescue dog and suddenly you have a new angle for EVERYTHING.

What most of us are struggling with is the angle. 

Look outside of yourself and into the world around you, and find something else you can relate to in order to make yourself more relatable, and give people something else to talk about outside of your performance.

This is a great strategy to steal from yesterday's news!

- Ken 'Right Angle' Dyne

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