Use Focus and Chat To Book Gigs

The real thing about getting what you want is to take action.


You can't build a business, you won't book gigs, you won't sell theatre tickets and you won't become a better performer by sitting at your computer eating cookies.

Mmm cookies!

Whenever you feel like you're banging your head off brick wall tying to make the bookings happen get out.

Go out of your house to people.

I literally mean pop to a coffee shop, a cafe - anywhere that people go.

Sit there, drink coffee and talk to people. Ask about them, they'll ask about you and if you're totally focused on what your intention is (booking gigs) you'll see those conversations starting to turn into interested prospects or introductions.

This comes down to FOCUS and SHARING.

The fact you're focused on the outcome you want. And the fact that you're telling people about it.

Dude, I tell people about EPIC every day.

I am telling people about my show every single day.

Tell you story, tell people.

You're bored of it, cos you've heard it a million times. But keep telling it.

Perform it.

Get out and go!

Have a smashing weekend, I'm off to Dublin to work on this TV consulting project (if you're able to, tune into the Late Late Show on RTE One tonight.


- Ken 'Talking about it all the time' Dyne

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