Trick measuring contest (fail)

I don't think my client could quite believe it yesterday...

...when I sat down with her after the event and went into details asking what she thought of my presentation at their event.

I delivered a 60-minute presentation yesterday in Leeds to a group of travel professionals and afterwards rather than walking out with the sound of laughter and applause still ringing in my ears - I wanted to know how I had served their purpose.

Why is this so important.

One huge change I made in how I think about my entertainment and speaking business is that it's NOT about the show.

It's not about your performance.

It's not about your talk.

It's about how what you do serves a good purpose.

Folks doing close up in a bar, you're not there because they want magic. You're there to make people stay, make people have a good time and come back.

Trade show performers aren't there to do miracles in people's hands. They're there to generate leads for the business.

Keynote speakers, you're there to give the audience value for their money they've paid so the organisers look good and sell more tickets/memberships next year.

Focus on your client's outcome and you'll start cutting through the noise of other people saying their trick is bigger than your trick.

- Ken 'Refocussing' Dyne

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