Tickle Their Tastebuds

Billy and I live at the beach and one of her favourite things about living hear is all of the amazing ice cream parlours they have.

So many exotic flavours that you'd never think could be an ice cream.

One time we were going for one of our regular beach strolls and we fancied an Ice Cream so headed to the row of parlours...

"The Simpsons" Ice cream.

What even is that?

I asked what it was and the chap behind the counter grabbed a little plastic spoon, scooped a taste of it out of the pot and handed it to me...

It was yummy.

And I bought a 2-scoop cone.

But had I not been given a taste I'd have gone for the old faithful, mint chocolate chip.

It's only because I had a risk-free, no cost try that I ended up making a decision.

How can you remove the risk by giving people a taster of what you do?

- Ken 'Sampling' Dyne

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(Banana, chocolate and nuts in case you're wondering)

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