This perfectly sums up my Thursday's productivity

Gurrd morning, 

Yesterday was amazing.

I felt like it was the single most productive day ever.

But what's the difference between those days that seems to be pointless, fruitless and disappointing, vs days like my yesterday?

Yesterday had a really tight schedule of tasks.

I was getting shit done.

I bounced from one task to the next and checked them off the list.

To put it into perspective, yesterday I recorded and edited 2 content videos, created and recorded an hour-long content video, took a gig enquiry and negotiated a possible change of date, signed off some more content and make a nice dent in a campaign I'm building for a private client. Not to mention scheduling guests for the new podcast, sending out 2 invoices and posting an engagement post on LinkedIn.

Plus I had lunch and had a jolly good laugh.

How did I do it all?

3 things:

1. Having a specific list that I had looked at the day before so my mind was already on-task and ready to tackle the day.

2. Team. I don't mean staff. I mean graphic designer, accountant, people in my network helping me out - so I don't have to do every element of every thing.

3. Systems. I'm only a man, but I want to be productive so I have the right tools at my disposal. To send out a contract and invoice I'm not drawing them up from scratch. I'm entering details of the client into my system and hitting 'send', for example. 

To achieve things you need focus, team and systems.

That's what we focus on in EPIC right? Giving you the focus to do what's important (you'll be receiving my new method for focus in the next day or so through the mail with this month's newsletter - it's awesome and a little bit offensive)...

I show you how to build a good team so you can be hyper productive without wasting a fortune.

And I give you my systems, campaigns and methods for streamlining all the boring admin, marketing and sales crap you don't want to do - cos I don't wanna do it either.

- Ken 'Keep Focused' Dyne

P.S. Members of EPIC - you're getting my systems every month, focus on the one you're taking action on. Don't get overwhelmed. If you're not a member yet, here's the details:

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