There's Too Much Social Noise - How I Fix It 90% Of The Time

What should you spend your time on?

Cracking question.

It's easy to think you have to do everything, right?

After all - there's so many social media channels, blogs, and video channels that you could be promoting yourself on, right?

Don't lose focus.

Choose one.

Choose one platform, preferably the one that you know people who book you use: corporate entertainers that's LinkedIn or Twitter, trendy parties it's Instagram or YouTube.

And spend 90% of your time and effort on that one thing.

The other 10% of your time is for experimenting and playing.

I used to be hyper-active on Twitter.

But these days I hardly log in.

Same on Facebook. Don't even have it on my phone any more.

But for booking gigs, I'm 90% LinkedIn. For example.

For connecting with entertainers like us, my 90% is on Facebook. 10% is Instagram (@bookmoreggis).

Choose your 90%.


- Ken 'Almost Always In The Same Place' Dyne

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