The (ugly) man in the mirror who gets things done

I look in the mirror and see the most out of shape me I've ever seen.

And that makes me unhappy.

But in a lifestyle where I work from 7am until 8pm each day I'm 'off' and am on the road at least 3 days a week how can I avoid the fattening snacks and those hotel burgers?

The answer is to use the same skill I use to get so much done in my business.


Yesterday I recorded 8 podcasts, prepared a presentation, gave a webinar and delivered customer support.

I also had time for lunch and dinner and was in bed with my book by 10pm.



The key to extreme productivity is to create the way they make movies.

Rather than creating in order they'll be used, you build each piece up hte most efficient way. 

So yesterday was a podcast day. We recorded 8, that's 2 months of podcasts which means I don't have to think about podcasts for 6 weeks. I'm free to do other stuff.

Today is social media day and I'll spend most of it creating ideas and content for social channels for the next 14 days. 

Create things in batches. Get yourself into a 'zone' for particular things and crank a quantity of them out.

Batch cook healthy meals, batch create content...go batch-shit crazy!

- Ken 'Batcher' Dyne

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