The Trap Of Nil Investment

A little later than usual as I didn’t get to bed until 1am and had to be up at 6am to get to the airport to fly home from Dublin.

I’ve been here consulting and writing a new piece of telly for one of the most prolific performers in the world and THAT got me to thinking…

Why is he asking me?

Why do top performers like Derren Brown, David Blaine, Dynamo and Keith Barry all hire consultants to create for them?

Then I looked at myself…

I spend more than £2,000 per month on mentors and memberships to expand my skills and knowledge.

Thing is, most entertainers don’t.

They don’t see the value in having other people on ‘your team’ when it comes to creating their shows and growing their businesses.

Which is mad.

The world’s top business people have coaches and mentors.


New perspective, experience and accountability.

Having a coach or mentor gives you another brain that will question what you’re doing and offer a new way of looking at things that your brain won’t.

We also benefit from what that coach’s experience has been, we learn from their mistakes and insight of having been in our shoes before us.

Finally, we get shit done because we don’t want to let our coach down.

Find some communities to become part of, whether it’s EPIC or not – you need a coach or mentor to act as a North Star to head towards and hold you accountable.

While most people are below average in their success, most people don’t have a coach.

I’d love you to join the minority:

- Ken

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