The sound of sprouts

We had Christmas day 2 yesterday at my Mam's house.

And we had such a good time.

We laughed so hard!

I'm talking crying with laughter and Mam and I had our traditional food fight with the leftover whipped cream.

I'm chuckling now just telling you about it.

That's a point though, right?

I won't remember or re-tell the story of the amazing food, the roast potatoes or the home made Banoffee Pie she made for long, but I will tell the story of how entertaining it all was for YEARS.

When people book events they spend a fortune on feeding their guests, on the drinks for when they arrive and then we think we're asking too much when we ask them to pay a good rate for the entertainment.

Dude, it's the entertainment they will remember - not the shitty canapés, over-priced glasses of fizz or the funky-potato.

The whole thing will only be remembered for the entertainment.

So let's make sure we value ourselves properly for the memories we provide, yeah?

Sprouts don't make people laugh or remember anything, but throwing one off my sister's forehead was HYSTERICAL. #squidge 

- Ken 'memory maker' Dyne

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