The One Stupid Hack To Always Have Stuff To Say On Social

Sat around the table in the office yesterday I was looking at some presentations I've got to give.

Thing is, it's not a case of just throwing together a good presentation.

Good is expected.

And by performers like is, great is probably expected too.

However, what we need to remember that creating something that's only ever going to get seen by the 200 people in the room we're speaking to is not leveraging the content we will have to create.

Everything you create, everything you write, every video clip you film - everything needs to have maximum value from it.

So yes, I'll do the presentations at these live events. That's one use.

But then what if we also then use it to:

- Crease a Slideshare and upload it to LinkedIn.
- Use the video as snippets for Instagram.
- Create graphics of important points for Instagram.
- Write an article about it for Instagram.
- Write a long form article for our blog.
- Use some of the audio in a podcast.
- Take soundbites and post them to twitter.
- Use excerpts of the video on Facebook.
- Create an info graphic which we post to Pinterest and then embed on our blog.

Now you see the true power of leveraging.

Yes, we'll create the presentation once, but from it we want to end up with at least 10 other pieces of content that we can spread around.

This is the cure for not knowing what to say and post. Create one piece of content (we call it our 'Sun Content') and then create content from it.

So you're no longer having to create nw stuff all the time.

Better ey?

This is part of my Content Strategy which I am going to be teaching to EPIC members, not just how to create the content but also how that links to getting found on Google too.

I cannot wait to share it. Not a member yet? You won't want to miss this (and have others doing it while you're not). Check out membership now.

Speak tomorrow,

Ken "Machine" Dyne

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