The Best Advice On Targeted Marketing

I dunno about you, but I've wasted days, weeks and months on getting all of the shit together for a promotion, a new 'market' I want to target for my show only then to find it's a dead duck.

That sucks.

It's expensive in both money and time.

And it makes you feel like utter turd.

None of that is good.

That's why I shifted my method of doing new things to: "Sell some first".

Want to target engineering companies so you're going to put a whole marketing campaign together to speak right to them?

Great idea.

Super targeted messaging will always work better than vague messaging.

But first.

Sell some.

Go speak to some Engineering companies and understand what they're looking for in an entertainer, what types of events do they have, and the budgets for these things.

Then go away, put an offer together and go back and sell it to them.

They should be the easiest sale ever - because they told you what they wanted.

If they say no...ask why, then revise your offering and then go back to them again.

Once they book you, go sell to 2 more.

After you've made 3 sales, at least you know the offer is right, the angle, the positioning and the price etc.

Now spent time, money, effort and thought on creating the materials to communicate what you've learned.

You'll save tons of time and money. But you'll also get your messaging right from the start.

Oh...and you'll make some much quicker sales too ;)

- Ken 'Sales Before Marketing' Dyne

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