Tapping Into A New Creative Zone

Top of the morning,

I'm back in Dublin today writing with Keith Barry for some up-coming projects.

But why am I doing this?

Don't I have enough on my plate?

I do, yeah, but what we all need is new ways to be creative and keep moving forward.

And when you work with other people you're forced to take on their ideas, their creative process and when those two worlds come together a new creative 'zone' appears in the middle.

That creative zone is something that neither of you would have had access to on your own.

I'm all about collaboration, I'm about keeping my creativity muscles strong and I'm driven by growth.

That's why I obsess over this marketing stuff and why I love to share it.

But one word of warning: make sure the people you're being creative with are high calibre. 

Or else they'll pull you back.

I'm in Dublin until Wednesday so I'll be writing to you from here again tomorrow too,

- Ken 'Sham-ROCKING the House' Dyne

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