Stranded with the wrong train ticket and nowhere to go

Yesterday en route to Northampton to an event my first train of the day was delayed.

By 40 minutes.

That meant I missed my (alright tight, 7-minute) connection.

And because of how I'd booked my trains that meant my tickets for the onward trains were invalid.

I was in the middle of nowhere (well, Derby)...with a few hours of travel still ahead of me.

So what did I do?

I didn't get frustrated, I got cheeky.

Fun cheeky.

I just asked.

I asked a train guard if he'd let me on the train, gave him some banter, a bit of craic and he said 'this time'.

Because of the messed up routing I had to charm 2 more train guards to let me on their trains even though I had totally invalid tickets.

The key here? Relationships and being real.

Being present, being there, caring and bringing something positive.

Do that and you'll get more of what you want - which is better gigs, right?

Lovely, have a smashing Thursday.

- Ken 'Charmer' Dyne

P.S. What is it going to take for me tot charm you into joining literally THE best people on the planet in the best community for education and training on building a better entertainment business?

Here's the deets:

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