Simple Way To Stand Out

Look down..

Look down...

Last night "Billy" and I went to see the new touring production of Les Miserables.

It's the longest running musical in London and what was amazing to see is how they've totally re-staged it.

Still set around 1832 in and around Paris, they've totally revamped the production for a modern audience by including stunning stylised projection, some twists on the lyrics to make them hit more poignantly - that kinda thing.

When was the last time you looked at your act and asked 'is it for today's audience?'

I'm writing some new material for my act at the moment and I'm using modern themes as jumping off points.

But also, think about your props, what you call yourself, your branding and logo.

Does it look like what your audience is seeing from other people who advertise to them these days?

(If you're a kids entertainer turn on the kids TV channels and watch how they brand themselves and act, if you're a corporate entertainer look at how companies are branding themselves etc)

Know your market and keep an eye on it.

Upgrade yourself - this is a simple way of standing out.

- Ken 'Modern Miserables' Dyne

P.S. How is your brand looking? Do you know what it is? Do you ever struggle to get design stuff done that looks on-brand for you or of the right standard?

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