Secret 2 Woman and 1 Man In 1 Day

I spent most of yesterday doing something pretty weird and unusual.

Almost no one has done this and I feel amazing.

I did it with 2 women and a man.


After just 5 hours' sleep the night before (doing some writing/consulting in Dublin), I spent yesterday talking to people who are IDEAL to book me, but have not - yet.

One of the only ways to REALLY figure out what your messaging should be, what you have to say to make people's ears prick up and think 'damn, I gotta book you!' is to ASK.

Sitting in that comfy chair thinking about clever words to write is never going to come close to sitting down and talking to people about what they look for in entertainers, how they find them, what their biggest worry is, what is a turn 'on' and a 'turn off' for them etc etc.

Set a day aside and fill it with 'ideal customer interviews'. With a bunch of ICIS lined up you'll spend some time with each person (20-40mins) not selling to them, not trying to get theme to book you - but getting them to give you a real understanding of how they hire people like you and me.

Now you'll know the language they use, the exact words they like, how they look for things and what they expect.

Then go take action on it. Make changes.

- Ken 

P.S. Do you have a marketing strategy? A business strategy that is leading you through every decision you're making?

If you're anything like me, you know you should have one but they seem so big and boring that you can't be arsed to make the time. I have a 1-page business and marketing strategy and I want to work with you and making yours.

Fancy it? We're going to do it on Sept 22 in London. 

Here's the scoop:

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