Scary View From My Window

It's still dark outside.

Only a few weeks ago I was writing one of these daily emails while looking out of this window watching the sun rise over the sea just outside there.

But this morning its just darkness.

That is a sign that the seasons are changing.

Another year has almost passed.

And mate, what have we done?

Have we done the things we said we would?

Are we doing the gigs, the types and number of bookings that we dreamt of at the start of the year?

One of the best ways to make sure you get things done is to have someone (or some people) holding you accountable.

Find a buddy, aa friend, a colleague (a member of EPIC) to share accountability with.

When you commit to someone else, you'll always get more done.

Let's kick ass for what's left of 2019, ey?

- Ken 'Committed' Dyne

P.S. Want accountability from me? And a community of other entertainers? Join EPIC here:

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