Raise Your Wunder-bar

Morning, ~Contact.FirstName~ -

Last night Billy and I were joined by my best friend, Rob at the theatre to see the final ever tour of comedian Eddie Izzard. (She got me the tix for Christmas the lovely rascal!)

This is Izzard's final tour as a comedian before he goes into politics.

Izzard talks about the Big Bang, God, and of course politics.

Like a lot of comedians, Izzard stands for something.

He has beliefs (in his case around Atheism) and for 2 hours he tells funny stories and is Izzard while standing up for those beliefs.

Religion and politics aside, how many performers do you know who stand for something?


And even fewer of them use that in their marketing as their 'position'.

Penn and Teller do...

Derren Brown does...

When someone stands for something we can decide whether we're with them or not with them.

But we can DECIDE and that's important. 

What do you stand for?

That's a real thinker for a Wednesday, isn't it?

- Ken 'Standing' Dyne

P.S. The Eddie Izzard tour is called Wunderbar, hence the pukey punny subject line.

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