Pricing :s

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself this December, let me tell you why.

Usually I don't like the Xmas party gigs.

I don't know about you but I think they're usually the sloppiest, drunkest, most hard-work gigs of the year...

and to top it off...

...they're at a discount to your normal price.

Well for me that was the case anyway. People wouldn't pay the price I charge the rest of the year 'just for their Christmas party'.

I thought 'balls to that' this year and tested a new strategy.

A scary one.

No discounts.

You want Kennedy for your event, Santa time or not, the price is the price.

I knew I could end up with an empty December.

I was prepared for it.

But I just totted up the numbers over the weekend and I make £100 more this year than last night and I did less gigs. 

I spent more time with friends, at socials and enjoying myself. 

More income, more fun, better quality gigs.

I'll take that.

Don't change your pricing, change your market.

Tomorrow we'll talk about discounting and how to stop it.

- Ken 'Fixing Prices' Dyne

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