Posting On Social Media Doesn't Have To Be This Hard

In this month's EPIC members' training I'm going to be sharing with you how to create a scalable content marketing plan that means you can be posting across all of the social channels - but without having to create a ton of materials.

The key to the whole thing is to figure out which content you can re-purpose and re-use across different formats and different social channels.

Stuff you create in one place and be turned into TONS of other stuff you can post elsewhere.

In fact, the strategy I've built for myself (and am teaching next week) is based on what I've seen giants like Gary Vee and Joe Rogan doing, along with what I've learned from my mentors, courses and books I've been studying.

A good strategy like this works together in what I call a 'Universe' that builds in power and reach.

EPIC members, I cannot wait to share this with you to finally simplify it all, and at the same time help you post more, higher quality stuff across all of your channels so you can look like a rock star to people no matter which channel they like to follow you on.

- Ken 'Building Your Universe' Dyne

P.S. If you're not an EPIC member and want to join this training live and get the full recordings of it to watch in your own time and reference at any time, join EPIIC here:

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