Persuasion 'Expert' Lays Goose Egg

Wow what a weekend I had in London.

Learned a LOT.

I was at a marketing event and witnessed a tragedy live on stage.

No I wasn't in the theatre.

On this occasion I was at a marketing event.

Tall, handsome American guy walks on.

Starts very arrogantly telling us how he is the persuasion guy and knows how we all think...

And that at the end he'll be selling some stuff.

And we'll all want to buy it.

He followed this with an hour of 'this is why I think I'm wonderful' and then 30 mins of telling us about his £3,000 course.

The room sat still.

No-one stood up.

The sound of 200 people not moving is deafening. 

You see, Bryan forgot something...


He forgot to make us like him.

(Rookie error for a self-confessed persuasion guy)

So, my friend, how can you make more people aware of you and make them like you?


Ken 'I type as I speak' Dyne

P.S. Writing the way you talk is one of THE best things you can learn to do in order to really connect with people. The number of people I meet in real life for the first time who feel like they already know me is amazing. And that's 'cos I write how I speak.

In EPIC there's a whole training that shows you my writing techniques, everything I've learned distilled into just one hour. Seriously: put an hour in your calendar and study that this week and you'll start getting more bookings!

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