Parents at Christmas (Awkward Convo)

I hope you had a smashing day yesterday, whatever you ended up doing.

Billy and I aced hosting Christmas lunch and my Dad met her parents for the first time - which went fabulously. 

While Billy and I served up mountains of traditional food wee heard the parents chatting away.

It turns out Billy's parents know a fella called Graeme who my Dad used to work with.

Small world.

They kept themselves entertained sharing stories of what Graeme and his wife might be up to these days.

You see, if you find things in common with people you tend to like them more. But more than that...

You'll stay engaged with them more.

You'll keep reading their stuff.

You'll think about them more.

Imagine if more of your contacts thought about you more, do you think they'd recommend you and even book you for more events?

Dead right they would.

Right - we'd best get ready to head to my Mum's to do Christmas MkII with her.

- Ken 'Common' Dyne

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