Outside my door yesterday morning :s

"There's someone fidgeting with our front door" said Billy. She looked worried.

Then a Whatsapp message landed.

It was Kian from from #1 in our building.

"Last night you mentioned you might try playing The Witcher 3 on your PS4, in case you haven't bought it yet I've popped it on your front door".

Holy WHAT?!

I've met the guy three times.

All 3 we were drunk at one of the gatherings we host with others in our small apartment building.

And now he's extending his generosity like this.

This is the power of taking the time to build fewer, high quality connections. 

Don't look at your weaner of a mailing list and wonder if mine's bigger than yours.

It doesn't matter.

What you need to work on is your relationship with every single person on that list.

On average I get 3 replies from different people each DAY to these emails. 

That's because I let you in and I share stuff that not only do I hope helps you, but that is from the heart. 

Right, now I'm going to the office....

(Please can I stay home and play Witcher 3??)

- Ken 'Relationship Witch' Dyne

P.S. In the next few days I'll be sending you info about how to get free access to the EPIC members' 2020 Vision course to plan your most brilliant year.

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