One Thing I Do Each Week That Gets Me Gigs

Shut up. It can't possibly be Friday AGAIN!?

But what about all the shit I have to do? 

All those things I saiid I'd get done this week?

You know the ones we've been putting off because we haven't had time?

Thing is, we DO have time.

We just didn't MAKE the time.

Here's the thing, right: to actually get things done is the key to success.

There's loads of people who know a lot.

But the number of people DOING a lot is much, much smaller.

The reason we don't get as much done?

...we don't dedicate the time to do that thing.

That's why every week I have a day where I work from home and work ON my entertainment business.

I spend the whole day being strategic, looking at how to make the business better.

(The things I come up with in those 4 days each month is a lot of what . share in Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle by the way - real stuff from my business after I've tested it for a few months)

Set yourself a day aside to focus on doing all that business stuff that you know about.

Want some help? Some support? Someone to hold you accountable?

Members of EPIC get this support DAILY through our private online community, here's the details:

- Ken 'Making The Time' Dyne

P.S. Wanna spend a full day with me, focusing on your business? We've got folks flying in from all over the world to join me on Sept 22nd, here:

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