On Your Feet

Last night we went to se the Gloria Estefan musical, On Your Feet.

It was loud, Latino music with great choreography, vocals and a story that was new to me.

I really liked it.

However, Billy wasn't so impressed.

It lacked depth for her. There were some storytelling issues with the show that were murky to say the least.

While I'd be giving this thing a 3.5 stars, Billy would be quoting something in the 2s.

(It's usually me who's the cynical one.)

The problem with the show is a problem you and I face every day.

While the show is strong in some areas (performance etc), it lacks in other areas (marketing).

Thing is, do get 4 and 5 star experiences from our own careers, we need to have a great show and great marketing.

And we need that consistently. 

That's the key, man.

- Ken 'Every Day' Dyne

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