Officially The Best Way To Get 'Discovered'

There's 2 ways of getting 'found' online.

One is through Search (when people are Googling)...and the other is through other people.

Last night's EPIC members' training was about creating unique, brilliant content to post on your social channels, blogs and even on Podcasts and on YouTube that gets people to comment and share.

Why did wee focus on that?

Because it costs nothing.

Some creativity and a little bit of time. That's it.

Instead of the usual boring stuff that gets no reaction, imagine if what you post gets tons of engagement, comments, likes and shares?

That puts your content, your post, and YOU in front of other people's audiences.

(When someone comments on something on, LinkedIn for example, their connections see that they've commented and your post).

This is an amazing way to spread the word about what you do.

Yesterday's post on LinkedIn got me 62 individual comments.

Focus your online content and posts on how you can engage people, get them talking and sharing their opinions.

- Ken 'Engaging' Dyne

P.S. The full recording of the EPIC Content Universe training will be in the members' area for you. Not a member yet? Check it out here.

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  • Hi Ken,
    I just got your book Bairn yesterday and throughout the book, it gives a website address to see footage of the particular routine being done. The address takes you to a 404 error page to your online shop.

    Is there another place you can direct me to? Cheers

    Damien Temperley

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