Numbers I'm obsessed with (weird!)

I'm a creative so I don't usually get excited by numbers.

But unfortunately, a lot of marketing and running a business that is successful is about numbers much more than it's about ANYTHING else.

If you can find a way of enjoying checking in on the numbers then you're going to be running much faster than most people in this race.

Thing is, the numbers tell you the outcomes, the results if you like, if what you are doing.

E.g. If your focus is Instagram and building that at your platform. You post something and it gets 20,000 likes and 2,000 comments. You might love that.

But if you compare that to everything else you've posted and you usually get 100,000 likes and 50,000 comments you know that whatever you posted didn't resonate as well with your followers.

This is my year of obsessing with the numbers. 

Growth, and I don't mean monthly growth. I mean DAILY.

What are your daily growth numbers that you're obsessing over?

- Ken 'Numerically Obsessed' Dyne

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