No One Will Believe You Are Any Good Unless You Do This

We've all had some gigs that are nicer than others.

Example: I've worked with celebs like Lady Gaga, Alan Shearer and royalty.

But you don't really get into people's heads and stay there long unless you get a photo with them.

Last week I was working behind the scenes with magician and mentalist Keith Barry on a live TV appearance I wrote for Keith.

The whole thing was based around the fact we had 2 people from Love Island on the talk show.

And I knew that having that social proof of working with these current 'celebs' would be good for my social media.

Problem is. I'm not into celebrities or the fame game at all.

I've never posed for a photo with a celeb or even asked for one.

But back stage in the break while hanging out and having a lark about with the two Love Island stars, I got over myself and asked for a selfie.

Ken Dyne with Love Island Stars

That thing went out on my Instagram over the weekend and is scheduled to go out on Facebook and then Linkedin throughout this week.

Having this kind of photo is positioning. 

It positions you next to people of a certain status. And by association you're seen as the one who works with that level of person.

Final thought: don't go to a wax works museum and fake it. That's a dick move and will get you called out.

Take advantage of real opportunities.

- Ken 'Positioning' Dyne

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