My Crippling Self Doubt Yesterday

You think I'm confident, right?

I'm the gobby, out spoken guy who calls people out and has bags of confidence, yeah?


Yesterday my confidence was through the floor. 

I didn't even have the confidence in myself to do much work.

So on my usual 'work from home' day I went into the office just be surrounded by other people to take my mind off the negative voices in my head.

That's how I coped. But it's not how I overcame it.

How I overcame this 'Confidence Crisis' (dramatic name ey?) was to get feedback...

Instead of doubting everything on my own I went to one of the communities I pay to be a member of and sought feedback.

I spelled out that I was doubting some of the things I was doing and asked for how people would feel about them...

And the feedback I got gave me confidence.

No, I wasn't doing everything right. The feedback was not just back-slapping and telling me I'm wonderful.

It was positive and negative, but that gave me confidence that the next thing I do will be the right thing. Because it's not just a decision made in my head.

One place I would not be doing this is in one of those free, open FB groups because they're filled with people who just pop in to bring people down and re-rail conversations.

There's something about a private group of people who've paid to be there that keeps the dimwits out.

That's how I feel anyway.

So find your tribe and use them.

Members of EPIC, when you're having a shitty day - the Watercooler Facebook Group is full of brilliant, supportive and honest people. Tap into that network. 


- Ken 'Tapping In' Dyne

P.S. Our community is phenomenal, if you're not a member of EPIC and you want a solid bunch of guys and gals who share advice and support each other, check it out:

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