More Of Those High Calibre Enquiries?

Off to London town today for a gig and realised something that I'm obsessed with...

Making sure each gig turns into more gigs.

One of the things we all want is enquiries, right?

More of them, and high quality ones.

What better way of getting these than by networking with the people at your existing events?

They've seen you, they like you and they are the right calibre.

Make sure you network at your events, have a few drinks, socialised and ask questions to figure out whether you might have an opportunity at someone else's event.

Cheers - have a nice weekend!

- Ken 'Networking' Dyne

P.S. Most people fall down after networking because they don't have a good way of managing the relationships with the people they meet. What you need is a Customer Relationship Management system - and you need to set it up right. In your EPIC members' online hub there's a whole training on setting this up, what you need and how to use it so no one falls through the cracks and you maximise every relationship.

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