Missing: 1x Louis Vutton wallet (why it's really annoying me)

Well I slept like a beauty last night and am hoping that my jet-lag-buster plan means I should be back on UK-time right now.

Time is one of those things isn't it?

While in the air back from Las Vegas I lost 8 hours.

Bam. Gone. Can't ever get them back.

On the way back I lost my case and my wallet.

The case will probably turn up over the next few days, the wallet is unlikely.

Yeah, the cards are replaceable but I'm a little miffed that my designer wallet is going to need replacing.

But y'know what...I'm not that worried about the Louis Vutton wallet, I can buy another one (not delighted about it, but I can)...

If my case goes missing I'll have to buy replacement stuff...I have travel insurance.

One thing I am pissed about is how much time is being stolen from me to chase all of this up.

HOURS on the phone to speak to the right people...

Time is something we cannot buy back. Not at any price.

And so many of us waste time doing shit we shouldn't be doing.

Focus on winning time back, it's your most precious asset.

- Ken 'Time Lord' Dyne

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