Looking At My Numbers

Ever had a week where you just let things slips?

Maybe you've looked back at a month and wondered how you missed 'something'.

I'm obsessed with productivity.

I'm always adding in some new 'system' to get more done and make sure I can get back to people faster.

To get anything done, to achieve anything we have to combine Ritual and Automation.

If you can automate something, then do.

For example, do you need to manually chase bills for gigs that people owe you? Or can you pre-write some emails that automatically kick off when payment isn't received?

That'll save you some time.

The other bit is what I call 'Ritual'.

That's the regular activities you plan in for yourself to keep things going.

One of mine, for example is to do my accounts every Thursday at 8am.

For 20-mins I log into my accountancy software, Xero, and reconcile transactions and make sure everything is healthy and on point.

That happens every week which means I don't end up writing off a whole day once a year where I struggle to remember what I was doing a year ago.

Plus I'm more aware of my financial situation so I have less deep, unexpected troughs.

There's daily rituals too.

Such as 5:30 I write an email to you.

Before that I check Facebook. Why? In case something went crazy in the world over night, I want to make sure I don't write anything insensitive to you by accident.

The reason most people can't break through and KEEP a constant flow of gigs is that they don't take consistent, steady action.

I find excitement within the tasks themselves, not in that every day is necessarily different.

Ask yourself: what one new Ritual will you start today that will make you more consistent?

- Ken 'Every Time' Dyne

P.S. Would love to see you in London to build your plan for the consistent action you'll be taking for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. Tickets and info.

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