Let's get uncomfortable

They're going to look at my scornfully today.

It's my mastermind today, that's where I meet up with 3 other businesses owners and we hold each other accountable to do what we said we were going to do.

We've been meeting every 6 weeks for 7 years.

That's commitment. That is a lot of accountability and that is a lot of challenge we've all been through.

Are you really challenged?

A lot of folks don't do the work needed to book the gigs they want because they find it boring.

You need to find a challenge in everything you do.

I hate making sales calls and doing outreach.

But the challenge is: can I make 8 today?

My body and mind will resist it like a squat rack at the gym.

But I'm going to plough through and get that sense of achievement. 

Are you?

Go smash Thursday!

 - Ken 'Increasing The Resistance' Dyne


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  • After too many years, I have been reading through the copy of Primal Prediction that I purchased from you at MindVention, or maybe Blackpool.

    There are links provided to both www.mentalunderground.com “/pp2” and “/primal”. Both take me to a our store, not to the handling videos and using dates.

    Please let me know the current links I should use. Thanks for your help.


    Terry Wenham

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