Join Up Your Content and Social Content

Had an amazing day 1 at the 'Retain' conference yesterday, mixing with some amazing business people, marketers and ideal customers ;) #networking

Have you ever wondered how I get so much done?

The key is re-purposing.

I create a lot of stuff. 

Take this daily email, for example. 

Then there's thee 10,500 word print members' newsletter every month.

Plus the members' exclusive video trainings each month.

And yet I still do my gigs.

How is that possible??

Everything generally starts with ONE single piece or idea and then branches off into lots of micro pieces.

For example, today we're talking about repurposing because in the September members' training I've been planning, it's all about content strategy, SEO and re-purposing is a part of that.

Hence today I'm talking about it to you.

The idea is that from one core piece you bring smaller pieces (or planet and moon pieces as we call them).

It just means you have plenty of stuff to post on all the social channels, and it's all consistent.

Right, I'm off to Day 2 of this event where my target audience are attending and I'm schmoozing ;)

Speak tomorrow,

- Ken 'Re-purposing' Dyne

P.S. Only members of EPIC will have access to the video training, so if you want to know how to create great blog posts, videos and content that then totally simplifies your newsletters, tweets, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram content and makes it all work together in a single strategy ...

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