It's about David Williamson

Yesterday we were in London seeing some shows - one of which was Circus 1903 starring magic legend, David Williamson.

I've grown up with Williamson, worked with him at conventions and like the rest of the mystery and magic community - admired him greatly.

But nothing can prepare you for watching a genuine Master at work.

Which is what I did for 2 hours yesterday.

What we saw was not just a great performer, a talented performer holding a whole show together as the magical ring master...

But this was a man doing exactly what he is best at, in the way he is best at it with the freedom to be him.

Question for you: what is it you will be doing when folks see you doing what you 'are supposed to be doing'?

That's a nice question to put to yourself as we near the end of the year, right?

Ho ho ho,

Ken 'Finding Me' Dyne


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