Is Your Ice Cream Too Cold?

I thought the woman was joking when she was aggressively complaining...

Standing in line to get an ice cream during the interval the other day this 70-something year old woman was getting right in the face of the poor lass selling ice cream telling her:

"This ice cream is far too cold."


What did you just say lady?

The ICE cream is too cold?

Sometimes we focus on the wrong stuff, don't we?

She didn't focus on the fabulous show she was enjoying, or that she could buy an ice cream for herself. instead she decided to be in a state of disgrace because of temperature of the ice cream.

Are you focusing on the right stuff or the wrong stuff?

Chances are, if you're not moving forward and you aren't getting more of the gigs you want then you've been focusing on the wrong stuff.

Mostly we focus on marketing and our shows.

When really what we should focus on is SALES.

That's why this week's members' training for EPIC is about my flow-chart for having a sales conversation - without having to be a sales person.

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- Ken 'The Right Thing' Dyne

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